All about Corey

Corey was born on a tree in an orchard near you. He first was a blossom and as the springtime passed, he grew to a healthy red apple. It has been determined that an apple a day will keep the doctor away. Like you, Corey likes to stay hip with the times and you can find him on Peterson Farms Fresh 2 oz. apple slice packages in his many seasonal looks.

10 Fun Facts about Apples:

1. The apple blossom is Michigan’s state flower.

2. Michigan is the 3rd largest apple producing state in the USA. Washington and New York come in first and second.

3. Did you know about 50% of the produce is eaten fresh and the other 50% is sold to produce other products such as apple juice, apple sauce, apple puree, cider, plus much more.

4. The average harvest can produce up to 25.2 million bushels of apples. 2017 brought in approximately 20 million bushels of apples or 840 million pounds of apples.

5. Michigan has approximately 11.3 million apple trees in commercial production. These trees cover over 35,500 acres on 825 family ran farms.

6. Did you know apples have five seed pockets? If you have ever cut into an apple you would notice the five distinct seeds pockets and these pockets are called carpels. The amount of seeds in each apple will depend on the type of apple and the health of the tree.

7. How do you make apples last longer? If you refrigerate an apple, it will stay fresher longer than if you store at room temperature.

8. Why does an apple float? An apple floats because it is made up of about 25% air making it more buoyant. This is why you can play game such as bobbing for apples.

9. About how many apples does it take to create just one gallon of apple cider? In order to make that yummy apple cider you would have to pick between 35-40 apples to create just one gallon of apple cider.

10. How long does apple season last? The apple celebration started in 1996 and last 3 months long. It goes from September through November and is known as “National Apple Month”.

(Some facts came from Michigan Apple committee website and Mama

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